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Jason Marsh

Jason Marsh

Anaheim, CA


My "serious" education started as a music major but ended(?) with a BS in chemistry. While in school, ideas for pictures kept popping into my head. Initially I dismissed them, thinking, "Somebody ought to paint that." Eventually, I decided that that "somebody" should be me. Now my self-taught approach is trying to go with it to the extent that I can.

I like imagery that has some kind of twist or irony, particularly the merging of two ideas in an unusual and yet somehow logical way. One might say I'm generally trying to render something that pushes the envelope of reality without quite crossing over into fantasy.

I admire a so-called classical approach to painting, but, as I'm mainly just trying to get the idea from my head to the canvas, there's a smattering of impressionism in my art.



Just in Case by Jason Marsh


Saturn Ring by Jason Marsh


Hitchhiker With Guitar by Jason Marsh


Moon Angel by Jason Marsh


Moving Heaven and Earth by Jason Marsh


Lego Vader by Jason Marsh


Reflecting Happiness by Jason Marsh


Dance Reflection by Jason Marsh


Horses and Dust by Jason Marsh


Poker Face III by Jason Marsh


Carousel Escape at the Park by Jason Marsh


Carousel Escape at Night by Jason Marsh


Carousel Escape by Jason Marsh


Poker Face II by Jason Marsh


Poker Face by Jason Marsh


Fire-Breathing Dragon Dancer by Jason Marsh


Playing Catch by Jason Marsh